Close friends with whom we are greatly blessed to know shared a transformational experience about being "wished well." We have published their letter below. One would hope wishing the best for others is an everyday event, but the sad truth is that it is rare. We would like to challenge everyone to gift just one person with these few loving words, "I wish you well".  

There is immeasurable magic in truly "Wishing Others Well."    
                                  Blessings, everyone.

The Letter:
"There are moments in life that make you truly stop everything as if the noise in a room suddenly disappears.  Your thoughts seem to come to a stand still for a precious moment, and everything in you changes. This is what happened for my husband and I one night when 2 dear friends said few but powerful words to us.  They forever changed everything in our lives.

We were so thrilled to have dear friends travel from afar just to see us and have dinner that night. We were a little giggly and holding hands on top of the table, ordering wine and chatting a bit.  But sitting there in a restaurant, suddenly they looked at us and began saying they had something important they traveled all that way to tell us.  Of course, this made us a little nervous, you don't hear that very often.  What could be so important? I remember we nervously smiled and quietly reached for each others hands, as if to brace ourselves for whatever it may be.

Then they simply looked at us and said ... "We came to tell you ... that we truly wish you well."  That was it? Okay ... So, thank you, we wish you well, too! ... & we attempted to go back to ordering the wine.  But, they reached across the table placing their hands on top of ours ... and said, "NO, you're not getting this ... WE TRULY WISH YOU WELL."

In that moment with no where to run ... suddenly we stopped our nervous talking ... something seemed to quiet the whole restaurant.  Within that moment ... the meaning of those precious words found their way into our hearts ... & something profound seemed to fill us with a deep & unexpected sense of peace.  They wanted nothing in return, no comment, no gift, no appreciation.  They just came to give us these words! It was unconditional.  In the timeless beauty of those few seconds we felt only love.

Those simple words changed our lives forever and have never left us.  Somehow we found the courage to surrender to our dreams.  More importantly, to enjoy our dreams.  We found we no longer needed approval from the egos of others or of the world.  We were enough.  And even if no one else could, someone out there, sincerely wished us well.  And that too, was enough.

The most wonderful thing about these words, is how you can't hold on to them, they have a life of their own that seems to float through you, changing you, and are unstoppable to be passed on to others.  After all, knowing how wonderful these words feel in our own hearts and minds ... just imagine being surrounded by others who also understand the value of these words? ! ... To share that understanding, to sincerely say ... "its okay, we believe in you, we wish you well ... no matter what."

We now wish everyone well.  Even those who've hurt us in the past. We know first hand, how the meaning of these words can change someone, so why not the world? They bring love, peace, acceptance, forgiveness and joy."

To all, we wish you well,