Did you receive one of these WOW cards?

If you received one of these WOW cards ... CONGRATULATIONS!  Someone thought you were amazing ... and that particular someone wanted you to know that simply crossing your path made a delightful, positive difference in their day.  You definitely have the WOW factor!

While you probably don't know it ... your presence (wherever you are) is more important than you can possibly imagine. Your positive energy is a gift that pays it forward into someone else's day.  Simply put, you made a very big difference ... just by being you!

If you would like to pass this good will along ... just get in touch with us via email and we will send you a few cards (no cost, no obligation) so you can join in and do the same thing for someone else. That's our gift to you.

Oh, and keep in touch ... we're expanding. Our site is in the process of opening a blog dedicated to the stories of those who gave out the cards, and to those who receive them, so they can share their special moments.  You never know ... one of those stories might be about you!  

Join in and spread the word ... 

Please note:
These cards are not intended to serve any other purpose but to simply reach out and let someone know how truly appreciated and awesome they are. They are not intended to be used for any other reason or personal agenda.  When doing a good deed it is important to let the moment go quietly and peacefully while the recipient understands it is an entirely "pure" moment of gratitude.  Thank you!